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Shana Tova – Happy New Year!

27 September 2011

Happy New Year 5772, from all of us at Under Your Wings!
(Mom, Dad, Prof, Snoopy, Hugsy and Baby).





Happy new year

27 September 2011

This week in school was really only half a week. The rest of the week we will be off due to Rosh haShana, the Jewish New Year.

The main things we did this week were;

Torah – We studied the first part of Gan Eden, how God created Adam and Eve, and about the forbidden fruit. This was a LOT of reading with a lot of difficult words in Hebrew. Prof and Snoopy thought about what it would be like to meet Adam and Eve, and what Adam and Eve would tell them. Then they also wrote an answer, and drew a picture of how they imagine Gan Eden.

Science – We continued to study the fall. This time we learned about how to measure temperature, where to do it and why it is important to do it on the same time and place every day. We also learned how to dress in different temperatures. Hugsy drew a snake on the 0-10 degrees (C). She must have mininterpreted my scarf ;)

In Hebrew we worked on read alouds with Snoopy and handwriting with prof. We also did some math and English.

Happy new year to you all!


Friday the 23rd of September 2011

24 September 2011

So, yesterday we had our 5th Friday-lesson since the start.

First lesson – Bible. Last time we left off with John the Baptist, so this lesson was focused on Yeshua’s ministry, which caused a slight overlap with the NT class. With the difference that now we went quickly through all of his ministry in one short lesson, and in the NT class it will take us a year. We read from Nicodemus till crucifixion.


Second lesson – Hebrew Literature. We’re taking a break from the stories about friendship to focus on the upcoming holidays now. Today’s focus was on Rosh haShana, the New Year, that is in another week. We spoke about the holiday in general, and read a short story. Then we sang two holiday songs:

The first one was “Matana leRosh haShana” (Gift for Rosh haShana) by Leah Naor:


The second one was “Chodesh Tishrei” (The Month of Tishrei) by Datia Ben-Dor that speaks of all four holidays we have this month (First verse from minute 4, and second verse from around 6 I think – it’s from the children’s program Parpar Nehcmad, from the 80s):


after that they both had questions and assignments relating to the holiday and the songs.


Third lesson was NT. We covered three stories – In Kana, turning water to wine (John 2), In the Nazareth synagogue where he was almost pushed over a cliff (Luke 4), and In the Kfar Nachum (Capernaum) synagogue where he threw out a demon, and later healed Peter’s Mother in law (Mark 1). I let them wash their hands in a bowl and then asked if they’d like to drink it – because that’s the kind of water Yeshua used. Then we spoke of how he can purify our hearts, just as he did with the water.


Fourth lesson was Social Science, where we finished the first chapter about identity in the social context of a school class. This time it was about how to make rules for the class – the context from the previous week was that kids who were left out would not feel left out if there are rules that establish that their birthdays are celebrated, if they’re hospitalized they get visits etc. Not very relevant to us, so we looked at the rules the class made in the book and decided which would work and not in a homeschool environment, and saw the differences.


We had some time over after that, so with the New Year coming up, we quickly also went through the Jewish months of the year. I drew them on the chart, we defined seasons and holidays, and sang the month-song by Naomi Shemer (here sung by Ofra Haza):


Today it’s Shabbat, and we’re home. I was Sabbath School teacher this morning in the congregation, first time since the new school year started, which means that it’s the first time my son (Prof) is in my Sabbath School class. Now it’s almost 17:00, and they are outside riding their bikes and playing with the neighbor’s kids.


Shabbat Shalom!


A month

21 September 2011

We are now a month along with the homeschooling and I can not believe how fast the time is going. A month already!!! We love our new lifestyle and this week we got to taste one of the befefits. On Sunday afternoon Hugsy was very tired, and soon I figured out she had high fever. For two days she was sick. In the past when the kids went to public school/kindergarten we always had big problems every time one of the kids was sick, because I could neither leave them home alone, nor drag them out for an hours walk to school. Every time I would need to find a babysitter, or someone who could bring the kids from school, or just simply keep the healthy kids home.(We don’t own a car). Now that the kids are homeschooled we don’t have this problem anymore.

Homeschooling is very rare in Israel and most people probably don’t even know that it exists. I keep wondering if our neighbors have noticed that our kids are not going to school in the morning…

Our kids love being homeschooled. Not even once have they said that they miss public school and I really don’t think they do. Both of them have experience from bulliers.  They thank us for letting them be home. Friends they don’t miss either. In fact they are better friends with the kids in the neighborhood than they ever were with the kids in school. Somehow there is a whole other set of rules in the neighborhood than it is in school.
Not only do they have more friends now – they also have more time for them since they no longer spend 34 hours/week in school + homework in the afternoon. In first grade in public school, Prof would many days come home from school, eat dinner, do homework and go straight to bed. That is SO unfair to a 6-year-old.


Weekly update

21 September 2011

It feels wrong to write a weekly update on a Wednesday. But I am teaching Sunday through Wednesday so it actually does make sense.

This week we accomplished a lot.

In Torah we finished studying the sixth day of creation, shabbat, and an overview over the entire story, how the story is organized. We painted the verses in different colors to see that the same things are said again and again for every day of the creation.

In science we finished the current part of “signs of life” which is multiplying. We put a few beans on wet cotton to see if they would sprout – which they did, one of them within less than 24 hours.
We also started studying the fall, learning about a few different flowers of the season, animals and other signs in the nature.

In English they practiced the letter G, and learned to write their first word – which is “bag” (these are the three letters they know this far)

In Swedish we learned a few new letters and realized we need to move from once a week to twice a week. Once a week is too little and just doesn’t make sense.

In Hebrew Prof finished the first chapter in “Simanim baDerech”. There has been tons of words, both easy and difficult ones, to write in his own dictionary and define them. This has taken a lot of time. He also managed to do some handwriting and finished a workbook in tsaad tsaad.
Snoopy is working on the nikud and read alouds. She will soon be through all the “nikud” (the dots and dashes you mark the consonants with in order to know what vowel sounds there are supposed to be) which will make it a lot easier for me to find appropriate read alouds for her.

In math there is nothing new. They just continue where they were in their books.

I’m trying to upload a few photos but it doesn’t work at the moment. So that will be later.


Pre-K update

18 September 2011

Hugsy doesn’t really have any obligation to participate in our school days. She loves learning and she is usually participating anyway. In science and Torah there is a lot of interest for her, and she loves to do the same crafts and experiments like her older siblings. But if she wants to go to play she can do so. She loves to play with lego, but she prefers to do it alone so she won’t need to share the pieces. This make school hours the perfect time for lego.

Many times the material we study in school is not on her level and then she has her own activities to work with. She has a few different workbooks to chose between, and puzzles with numbers and letters. On this she is very similar to her siblings.. she just LOVES the workbooks. Myself I’m drooling on all the worksheets available on the internet. But unfortunately most things are in English and it is a lot harder to find good worksheets in Hebrew. So we go with the more expensive choice – workbooks. נירים לילדים have tons of different workbooks for ages 2-12 and they are usually very good and pedagogic.

She also loves to draw and cut, and to play with beans. We have a big box with beens and various baby formula scoops, egg cups etc, and she can sit for hours scooping the beans back and forth. This is excellent for the fine motorics’ development. She has also playdough, but it seems to be less interesting at the moment. I’m sure she will get back to that soon.

Lately she has been working a lot with numbers. Today she completed her sticker/tracing/coloring workbook with the numbers up to ten. From the beginning she found the tracing really really hard but after a few pages it was already piece of cake. We still need to do some work with the puzzles before we are done with the numbers. There is still some confusion but I think she will soon be ready to recieve her diploma for knowing the numbers up to ten.

She got a brand new workbook two days ago for tracing letters. I thought we would have to wait with this since the tracing was so hard for her in the beginning. But she loves her new workbook and I have a feeling she will finish it fast. She already knows all the letters by name. I will give her a little bit of more time with this before we start to categorize words according to the first letter.

Here is a hand she made from salt dough the other week, and then colored yellow (favorite color) after drying it.


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18 September 2011

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