School so far (Fridays)

16 September 2011

We are now done with three weeks of school – but since we started on a Friday, and it’s Friday today, that means 4 Fridays so far. I’m still trying to get used to do this on the Fridays, get up in the morning as if I’m going to work and get the kids started. Also, I need to take an evening or two during the weekdays to prepare the lessons for the kids. I’m trying to get some sort of system worked out… so far I’ve been forced to stay up until 1 AM far too many Thursdays… but I’ll sort it out eventually. I hope.

In the Bible lessons, we’re using a Hebrew translation of “the Big Picture Story Bible” by David Helm:

I especially like this Bible because it goes quickly through the Bible to give a general view, and it focuses on seeing the promise of the Messiah in the Old Testament. It is very important for me to teach the kids the Bible in a way that makes them understand about how our faith in Yeshua is Jewish, and rooted in the Old Testament (because eventually society is going to try to convince them otherwise). Another few lessons and we’re done, and then we’ll focus on preparing a Bible wall chart, which will teach them more about the general structure of the Bible, and the different books.
Using some colorful maps and pictures, we’ve also learned the different empires, and the Bible characters related to each one: Assyria-Jona, Babylon-Daniel, Persia-Ester, Greece-Judah Maccabee, Rome-Yeshua.

In the Literature we’ve been reading poems and stories dealing with personal identity and friendship. Situations when kids play and leave another kid out, situations on how to make friends, kids who don’t get friends because they have too high expectations on the friendship, etc. Today was the last lesson on that subject, since we will turn to stories and poems relating to the holidays as soon as the holiday season starts. Then we’ll go back to the friendship theme – at the end of October.

In the NT lessons I’ve defined 54 separate stories of deeds or miracles relating to Yeshua’s ministry until the Last Supper, which means we go through 2 or 3 every lesson. Today we reached the baptism and the temptation in the desert. They often love this subject a lot, but that’s mostly because I set up small skits and plays for them with their stuffed animals. I take most of the scripts from puppetresources.com

Finally, in Social Science we’ve soon finished chapter 1 out of 7 – in the class. We’ve discussed being different, what it would be like if everyone were the same, why it’s not nice to laugh at other kids because of their difference, children coming from other countries and the difficulties they face (I could share some of my own experiences there, coming to Israel at the age of 13). Today we sang the song of Uzi Chitman about being the shortest child in the class, and we also read about a boy with hearing impairment, and a girl in a wheelchair, and how they manage in school. Here is the song about the shortest child in the class:


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