School so far

16 September 2011

We are now done with our first three weeks of school and everything is going great. It is already all natural to go up in the morning and get prepared to start our school day. Hugsy (4 years old) is participating just fine. She is either doing what we do – or working in her workbooks, doing art and crafts, puzzels, lego etc. I didn’t expect it to be so easy to keep her busy too. The baby is doing us a favor and is most days sleeping through three out of the four lessons.

In Torah we study creation. We finished until the sixth day of creation, and will go on by studying shabbat next week. We learn difficult words from the biblical Hebrew, learn what the sages say about some of the passages. This subject contains a lot of art and crafts. We draw a picture for every day of the creation and keep it in a special folder. By the end of the year, the kids will have their own home made Genesis in pictures.

In Science we learn about different signs of life; this far breathing, eating and drinking, and the last lesson we learned what it’s called when different animals have their babies… now that is a vocabulary I don’t even have in English. (the hen doesn’t poop eggs, does she?)

In English we learn the numbers up to ten, colors and a little bit of basic conversation phrases.

In Hebrew, Prof is making his own dictionary, adding to it a lot of difficult words. He also practiced the alphabet and identifying missing letters in order to make it easier to look up words in the dictionary. Plus in Hebrew it is very important to know the numeric values of each and every letter, since it is used a lot in various situations, including bible chapters, Jewish calender and a lot more.
Snoopy is practicing the letters, even though that is mainly repetition for her. She is also learning the nikud (vowel system) and doing a lot of read alouds.

In Math, Prof is doing addition up to 100 by splitting numbers, such as 28+15=30+13=43
Snoopy is learning to write the numbers up to 20, and practicing skip counting on 2, 4 and 10.

In Swedish they learn the letters, three new every time – and only for recognizing them. Usually we do some sort of word game, and read short stories where they stop me every time there is a difficult word.

We do some more stuff too… more on that later.


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