Pre-K update

18 September 2011

Hugsy doesn’t really have any obligation to participate in our school days. She loves learning and she is usually participating anyway. In science and Torah there is a lot of interest for her, and she loves to do the same crafts and experiments like her older siblings. But if she wants to go to play she can do so. She loves to play with lego, but she prefers to do it alone so she won’t need to share the pieces. This make school hours the perfect time for lego.

Many times the material we study in school is not on her level and then she has her own activities to work with. She has a few different workbooks to chose between, and puzzles with numbers and letters. On this she is very similar to her siblings.. she just LOVES the workbooks. Myself I’m drooling on all the worksheets available on the internet. But unfortunately most things are in English and it is a lot harder to find good worksheets in Hebrew. So we go with the more expensive choice – workbooks. נירים לילדים have tons of different workbooks for ages 2-12 and they are usually very good and pedagogic.

She also loves to draw and cut, and to play with beans. We have a big box with beens and various baby formula scoops, egg cups etc, and she can sit for hours scooping the beans back and forth. This is excellent for the fine motorics’ development. She has also playdough, but it seems to be less interesting at the moment. I’m sure she will get back to that soon.

Lately she has been working a lot with numbers. Today she completed her sticker/tracing/coloring workbook with the numbers up to ten. From the beginning she found the tracing really really hard but after a few pages it was already piece of cake. We still need to do some work with the puzzles before we are done with the numbers. There is still some confusion but I think she will soon be ready to recieve her diploma for knowing the numbers up to ten.

She got a brand new workbook two days ago for tracing letters. I thought we would have to wait with this since the tracing was so hard for her in the beginning. But she loves her new workbook and I have a feeling she will finish it fast. She already knows all the letters by name. I will give her a little bit of more time with this before we start to categorize words according to the first letter.

Here is a hand she made from salt dough the other week, and then colored yellow (favorite color) after drying it.


One comment

  1. Julie also loved workbooks and I couldn’t keep enough in the house since she would tear through them so fast!

    Love the handprint!!!!!!

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