A month

21 September 2011

We are now a month along with the homeschooling and I can not believe how fast the time is going. A month already!!! We love our new lifestyle and this week we got to taste one of the befefits. On Sunday afternoon Hugsy was very tired, and soon I figured out she had high fever. For two days she was sick. In the past when the kids went to public school/kindergarten we always had big problems every time one of the kids was sick, because I could neither leave them home alone, nor drag them out for an hours walk to school. Every time I would need to find a babysitter, or someone who could bring the kids from school, or just simply keep the healthy kids home.(We don’t own a car). Now that the kids are homeschooled we don’t have this problem anymore.

Homeschooling is very rare in Israel and most people probably don’t even know that it exists. I keep wondering if our neighbors have noticed that our kids are not going to school in the morning…

Our kids love being homeschooled. Not even once have they said that they miss public school and I really don’t think they do. Both of them have experience from bulliers.  They thank us for letting them be home. Friends they don’t miss either. In fact they are better friends with the kids in the neighborhood than they ever were with the kids in school. Somehow there is a whole other set of rules in the neighborhood than it is in school.
Not only do they have more friends now – they also have more time for them since they no longer spend 34 hours/week in school + homework in the afternoon. In first grade in public school, Prof would many days come home from school, eat dinner, do homework and go straight to bed. That is SO unfair to a 6-year-old.



  1. För mig som lärare är det riktigt roligt att läsa detta! :D
    Kul och se att ni tog besluten i egna händer för att slippa mobbare, långa dagar och annat tråkigt.

    Hur får man lösenordet till de låsta inläggen? :)

  2. Am so glad you are able to home educate your children! What a blessing! You’re doing a blessed work in their hearts, and under our Heavenly Father’s protective covering!
    Kathy, TN, USA

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