Weekly update

21 September 2011

It feels wrong to write a weekly update on a Wednesday. But I am teaching Sunday through Wednesday so it actually does make sense.

This week we accomplished a lot.

In Torah we finished studying the sixth day of creation, shabbat, and an overview over the entire story, how the story is organized. We painted the verses in different colors to see that the same things are said again and again for every day of the creation.

In science we finished the current part of “signs of life” which is multiplying. We put a few beans on wet cotton to see if they would sprout – which they did, one of them within less than 24 hours.
We also started studying the fall, learning about a few different flowers of the season, animals and other signs in the nature.

In English they practiced the letter G, and learned to write their first word – which is “bag” (these are the three letters they know this far)

In Swedish we learned a few new letters and realized we need to move from once a week to twice a week. Once a week is too little and just doesn’t make sense.

In Hebrew Prof finished the first chapter in “Simanim baDerech”. There has been tons of words, both easy and difficult ones, to write in his own dictionary and define them. This has taken a lot of time. He also managed to do some handwriting and finished a workbook in tsaad tsaad.
Snoopy is working on the nikud and read alouds. She will soon be through all the “nikud” (the dots and dashes you mark the consonants with in order to know what vowel sounds there are supposed to be) which will make it a lot easier for me to find appropriate read alouds for her.

In math there is nothing new. They just continue where they were in their books.

I’m trying to upload a few photos but it doesn’t work at the moment. So that will be later.


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