Mommy update

18 October 2011

I know I have been bad at updating lately. That doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything, because we did! I have a couple of weeks to write about. Now the last week we have been off due to the holiday season. We are right now in the middle of Sukkot – the feast of tabernacles, and we will be back on schedule by Sunday. I hope to post about the last few weeks before we get there.

The kids don’t know how to take a week off from school though. They learn constantly. Prof is right now working on a list of countries and capitals in Europe. He is a little bit upset that we don’t have Geography on the schedule yet. That doesn’t stop him from learning though. We go to the library every two weeks and then he can take pretty much whatever he is interested in. This boy is going to become a walking “google” just like his dad.

Hugsy is working on her letters right now drawing animals and trying to write their names. She  is copying Snoopy’s drawings and cutting, gluing etc.
Snoopy is drawing, and drawing, and drawing. Lately she is copying characters from children’s books, and usually it is very obvious what character she tried to copy. I’d say she is very good at drawing to be only six years old. She wants to become a children’s books illustrator. I know children change their minds about what they want to work with a lot. But I definitely think she has the talent. She has already one “how to draw”-book and if she continues like this she will get more in the future.


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