Sukkot lessons etc – Daddy update

19 October 2011

On the 12th and 14th of October I had lessons with the kids. On the 12th it was the Sukkot lessons, and on the 14th, the first “regular” class since a long time.

In Sukkot class we spoke of the meaning of Sukkot, read Leviticus 23:40 and onwards, basically using the teachings here (but a more kiddie approach). We also watched this short movie.

In the NT class we learned the stories of the Beth Hesda pool, Yeshua’s entering to Jerusalem on the donkey, and about the Samaritan woman next to the well.

In Literature we read poems and songs about Sukkot, including Patish Masmer:


On the 14th we had a “regular class”. We finished “The big picture story Bible” and read the stories from right after the crucifiction until revelation. We also sang the song “BeReshit amar leShmot”, a song that goes through all the books o the Bible in Hebrew, including the New Testament (it’s part of the Messianic children’s DVD Giborey haEmunah)

In Literature we went through the stories of the holiday, a story of kids who didn’t have a yard and built their sukka on the roof instead, and the song Sukkatenu by Natan Alterman, (from 00:58 on this medley):

In the NT class we spoke of the 10 lepers, the born blind person and his parents (John 9), and the story of Lazarus.

In Social Science we started a new chapter that is about work and professions. This lessons was mostly about why people work.


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