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A Daddy update

18 November 2011

I haven’t updated in a while, so here we go. Updates for October 28th, November 4th, 11th and 18th (today). I am currently in the break between lessons, so I thought I’d utilize the opportunity.

In Parashat haShavua we have opened up the Torah scroll every week and read parts from it. I am relying partly on the teachings that are published on the Bible Society website, but also adding some of my own. So it’s been Noah, Lech Lecha, vaYira, and today we spoke of Chayey Sara.

In the Bible class I made a presentation of small symbolic pictures and a description of each book in the Bible. We’ve gone through the Torah, Prophets, Writings, and today we did the historic books of the NT (Matthew through Acts). Next week will be the last one, and we’ll go through the letters and Revelation. I write a short summary of each book, without writing the name of the book, and let prof read and match it to the correct book. Snoopy colors the small pictures, and Hugsy gets her own coloring pictures. We now have 4 different cut-and-glued Bible presentations on our wall, and there’s one more to come next week. Although for the letters I will probably generalize to make one picture per section. “Paul’s letters to congregations – Paul’s letters to people – Hebrews – General letters – Revelation”.

In the NT class we’ve kept talking about Yeshuas deeds and miracles. Silencing the storm and throwing out legion, Feeding 5,000 and walking on water, the rich man and the eye of the needle, Bartholomew, Sending out disciples to the towns, Peter’s confession of Yeshua as the Messiah, Let the Children come to me. And today, after the break, we will read about Zachary, the expulsion of the traders from the temple, and the death of Yochanan the baptist.

In Hebrew Litterature we’ve only had two lessons. One on October 28th, and we finally got back to the subject of friendship (which we dealt with before the holidays, but put aside in favor of holidays during the high season). Last week, however, on the 11th, it was the Friday closest to the memorial day of Yitshak Rabin, so I spent that lesson reading the stories in their book about Rabin, and teaching them about the background to the conflict in our area. We spoke about the murder, I told my personal story of where I was when I first heard about it, how horrible wrong it is to kill someone, but also explaining the background to it. That Rabin’s idea of a solution to the conflict was a dangerous failure.

In Social Sciences we’ve also only had two lessons (actually one, because the second one is today). We continue with talking about different professions, why people work, etc. We’ll keep going with that today.

In addition to the above, I’ve also expanded the morning prayer. We now start with the Shma, then Adon Olam, then we say the “hama’avir sheina mi’eynay”, and then the kaddish. After that we say Birkat haShanim. Today I added the Hebrew translation of “Amazing Grace”. I explained to the kids that even though the siddur has a lot of beautiful prayers, they are failing in that they are not focusing on the Messiah. The gospel has to be in the center of our life, so I wanted to add this song that emphasizes God’s amazing grace to us. I also told them a little about the background of the composition of the song.

In addition to this, I’ve also started to take the time whenever possible, when I see that there’s time over in the homeschooling schedule, and read through the book of Proverbs and the 1st letter of John with them, verse by verse. Only a few verses every week. This way they will get a deeper knowledge of what we find in the non-story parts of the Bible, and will be able to apply the Godly principles in it in their daily life.

Update: In Social Science, when talking about employment and work, we spoke of the hard work the first Zionist pioneers did 130 years ago, and watched this pioneeric work song by Hayim Nahman Bialik: