The story of stuff

4 December 2011

In our last few science classes we learned about keeping water and air clean, to protect the nature, and everything living in it. To not waste fresh water, especially here in Israel where we don’t have a lot of rain. We talked about cars vs public transportation, or even better- walking. We talked about factories and The story of stuff. Unfortunately this video is still too hard to understand for 6 and 7-yearolds.. especially when they don’t know English. But we want them to grow up very aware of this concept. We don’t buy cheap things from plastic just because they are cheap. We don’t buy more than we need. We rather buy quality than quantity. This is SO important!!

This is a video that all of us would need to watch once in a while…

Our kids response on the cars and transportation was, “Ok so then we are already good people” because we neither have a car, nor do we travel with public transportation a lot. Well they are right there, but I try to teach them there is always more we can do.


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