9 January 2012

We took a break from the math books and are now learning to tell time. I find the math books we use too late and too slow in this subject.  Instead we use a fun workbook with stickers.


Prof and snoopy learned that an hour has 60 minutes and that a minute has 60 seconds. They learned that they can figure out the minutes by doing skipcounting with 5. Today we practiced half hours. Before the end of the week we will reach digital time and to tell time by 24 hours.

I can’t wait to have kids that I can ask what time it is and know that they will answer me right! ;-)

Hugsy can do pretty much what she wants. Today she did some spelling. She knows all the letters and she will probably pretty soon start reading. Homeschooling is fantastic. Neither of our other kids did this when they were 4. They were too busy going to pre-K.





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