About us

Welcome to our homeschooling blog.

We are a young family, living in the Jerusalem area, Israel. We are in our 30’s and we have four children. Let’s call them Prof (7), Snoopy (6), Hugsy (4) and Baby (1). We are originally from Sweden and moved to Israel at the age of 13/21 (dad/mom). All our children were born in Israel. We speak Swedish and Hebrew at home. (For you who know us, please do not use our real names in comments etc. We will not approve them.)

This is our first year of homeschooling. Prof and Snoopy went to public pre-K from age of three, to kindergarten at age of five, and Prof went to first grade in a local public school. The dream of homeschooling was born already before he started 1st grade, but we weren’t ready for it yet. We wanted plenty of time to prepare, get used to the idea, and finally get started. We are now teaching Prof 2nd grade, Snoopy 1st grade, and Hugsy pre-K.

The name of the blog – Covered with Feathers is based on Psalm 91:4 “He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust”.

The official name of our home school is “Mitachat leKnafeicha” (Under Your Wings) There are a few different passages in the Bible that talk about this. One of them is Psalms 36:37 “How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings.”  This is something we want to teach our kids, that our refuge is always in the shadow of His wings. This is also where we want our kids to grow up.

We as parents feel that we are responsible for raising and educating our children, and we believe that our home is the most natural place for this. We don’t believe that it is natural that a child spends more than half of his time awake somewhere else than at home with the parents. It will put the child in many situations that he doesn’t have the tools to deal with yet. A child at this age still needs the parents for guiding and for protection. In the home education the child can learn the same amount of information in shorter time, since there are less disturbing things/people in the environment. This leaves more time open for the kids to develop also through playing. Homeschooling also gives more quality parent/child time, which strengthens the family. The education is also more flexible and can be adjusted to the child’s needs and interests. There are millions of reasons to homeschool, and these are a few of them.

We are homeschooling our children in Hebrew, because that is the natural thing to do. We believe it is important to be schooled in the official language in the country were you grow up, in order to feel that you belong in the society. Because of this reason we teach the kids in Hebrew, and we put a lot of emphasis on social science, literature, Jewish/Israeli culture etc. This(Hebrew) is also essential for future university studies.

The plan the way it looks right now is to homeschool them up to sixth grade and then transfer them “back” to public school in order to get prepared for the bagrut. This is not a final decision though. We will see when we get there.

At the moment we do school four to five lessons a day, five days a week. Many homeschoolers find this being a lot. But we feel we can’t do less than this. The minimum is to keep up with the public school system so that our kids will be ready for being transferred back in high school. The public school system in Israel is very intensive compared to many other countries so there is a lot to keep up with. But our 15-17 hours a week isn’t that bad after all, compared to the 34 hours + tons of homework, that our son did in 1st grade in public school at the age of 6.


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