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Mommy update

18 October 2011

I know I have been bad at updating lately. That doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything, because we did! I have a couple of weeks to write about. Now the last week we have been off due to the holiday season. We are right now in the middle of Sukkot – the feast of tabernacles, and we will be back on schedule by Sunday. I hope to post about the last few weeks before we get there.

The kids don’t know how to take a week off from school though. They learn constantly. Prof is right now working on a list of countries and capitals in Europe. He is a little bit upset that we don’t have Geography on the schedule yet. That doesn’t stop him from learning though. We go to the library every two weeks and then he can take pretty much whatever he is interested in. This boy is going to become a walking “google” just like his dad.

Hugsy is working on her letters right now drawing animals and trying to write their names. She  is copying Snoopy’s drawings and cutting, gluing etc.
Snoopy is drawing, and drawing, and drawing. Lately she is copying characters from children’s books, and usually it is very obvious what character she tried to copy. I’d say she is very good at drawing to be only six years old. She wants to become a children’s books illustrator. I know children change their minds about what they want to work with a lot. But I definitely think she has the talent. She has already one “how to draw”-book and if she continues like this she will get more in the future.


A month

21 September 2011

We are now a month along with the homeschooling and I can not believe how fast the time is going. A month already!!! We love our new lifestyle and this week we got to taste one of the befefits. On Sunday afternoon Hugsy was very tired, and soon I figured out she had high fever. For two days she was sick. In the past when the kids went to public school/kindergarten we always had big problems every time one of the kids was sick, because I could neither leave them home alone, nor drag them out for an hours walk to school. Every time I would need to find a babysitter, or someone who could bring the kids from school, or just simply keep the healthy kids home.(We don’t own a car). Now that the kids are homeschooled we don’t have this problem anymore.

Homeschooling is very rare in Israel and most people probably don’t even know that it exists. I keep wondering if our neighbors have noticed that our kids are not going to school in the morning…

Our kids love being homeschooled. Not even once have they said that they miss public school and I really don’t think they do. Both of them have experience from bulliers.  They thank us for letting them be home. Friends they don’t miss either. In fact they are better friends with the kids in the neighborhood than they ever were with the kids in school. Somehow there is a whole other set of rules in the neighborhood than it is in school.
Not only do they have more friends now – they also have more time for them since they no longer spend 34 hours/week in school + homework in the afternoon. In first grade in public school, Prof would many days come home from school, eat dinner, do homework and go straight to bed. That is SO unfair to a 6-year-old.


Protected: Back from the library

16 September 2011

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Protected: Our classroom

16 September 2011

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School so far

16 September 2011

We are now done with our first three weeks of school and everything is going great. It is already all natural to go up in the morning and get prepared to start our school day. Hugsy (4 years old) is participating just fine. She is either doing what we do – or working in her workbooks, doing art and crafts, puzzels, lego etc. I didn’t expect it to be so easy to keep her busy too. The baby is doing us a favor and is most days sleeping through three out of the four lessons.

In Torah we study creation. We finished until the sixth day of creation, and will go on by studying shabbat next week. We learn difficult words from the biblical Hebrew, learn what the sages say about some of the passages. This subject contains a lot of art and crafts. We draw a picture for every day of the creation and keep it in a special folder. By the end of the year, the kids will have their own home made Genesis in pictures.

In Science we learn about different signs of life; this far breathing, eating and drinking, and the last lesson we learned what it’s called when different animals have their babies… now that is a vocabulary I don’t even have in English. (the hen doesn’t poop eggs, does she?)

In English we learn the numbers up to ten, colors and a little bit of basic conversation phrases.

In Hebrew, Prof is making his own dictionary, adding to it a lot of difficult words. He also practiced the alphabet and identifying missing letters in order to make it easier to look up words in the dictionary. Plus in Hebrew it is very important to know the numeric values of each and every letter, since it is used a lot in various situations, including bible chapters, Jewish calender and a lot more.
Snoopy is practicing the letters, even though that is mainly repetition for her. She is also learning the nikud (vowel system) and doing a lot of read alouds.

In Math, Prof is doing addition up to 100 by splitting numbers, such as 28+15=30+13=43
Snoopy is learning to write the numbers up to 20, and practicing skip counting on 2, 4 and 10.

In Swedish they learn the letters, three new every time – and only for recognizing them. Usually we do some sort of word game, and read short stories where they stop me every time there is a difficult word.

We do some more stuff too… more on that later.


Our first day of school

13 September 2011

August 26th 2011 is the day we started. Regular schools start on September 1st, but we decided to start a week earlier. We decided to put the first day on a Friday to give me (the Dad) a kick-start.

We started with the morning prayer we’ve done since on every Friday (see the page “what we teach – Dad on the side).

After that we had 4 lessons. Nowadays the first lesson on Fridays is the general Bible class. But on this first day I decided to skip that in order to have a “first day of school”-lesson.

First of all, we turned on the “Shalom kita alef” (Hello first grade) song. First day of first grade of school is a big deal, and in all schools the new first graders are celebrated – standing in the focus of attention of the whole school, balloons, songs, you name it.  So I put on the song, and danced around with Snoopy.

After the song and dance we went through some rules. No balagan during lessons. Listen to the teacher. Hand up if you want to say anything.

Then I told them of how the teaching of the Hebrew alphabet was once started by letting the kids lick honey off pictures of the letters, back in the days of the cheder, to make them get the feeling that learning to read is sweet.

We then went through the alphabets (Hebrew and Latin – in both Swedish and English version) using alphabet songs that they already know. As a light “first taste” for Snoopy (Prof can read Hebrew already).

And finally I also went through the different Friday subjects they will have with me every Friday and what we’ll do.

That was the first lesson. The rest of the day we had another 3 lessons – the first lesson of each one of the subject. In Hebrew Literature we went through songs about the first day, and about personal identity. We sang the song “haYeled haZe Hu Ani” (That Child Is Me):

In NT class we spoke of John 1 – and Yeshua’s identity as the Word, the Metatron, the mediator, and the 2nd person of the divine trinity, as foretold and developed by wise rabbis hundreds of years before Yeshua came. We also told the story of Zacharia in the temple.

In Social Science we read a story about a girl who came back to school with glasses and was worried about how the other kids would react. We spoke about being different, about how we are, our identities, wrote a small “ID card” for each child, and sang the song “Ani tamid nishar ani” – “I am always Me!”


Welcome to “Mitachat leKnafeicha”

13 September 2011

Hi and welcome to our homeschooling blog.
We started homeschooling on August 26, 2011 and are now three weeks along. This is something we have been looking forward to for a long time, and we are happy to finally be here. The three weeks we had this far have been wonderful and we all love it.

The name of the blog – Covered with Feathers is based on Psalm 91:4 “He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust”.

The official name of our home school is “Mitachat leKnafeicha” (Under Your Wings) There are a few different passages in the Bible that talk about this. One of them is Psalms 36:37 “How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings.”  This is something we want to teach our kids, that our refuge is always in the shadow of His wings. This is also where we want our kids to grow up.

We are going to use this blog for continuous updates such as weekly reports, thoughts, ideas etc. Basically whatever comes up. You can read more about us on the pages; “About us”, “Curriculum” etc.