What we teach: The Dad

I’m the dad in this homeschool family. And I think it’s awesome what we’re doing.

Since I work Sunday through Thursday, I teach the kids on Fridays. I have four classes every Friday, and there are five subjects that I teach:

  • Bible – A General Bible knowledge class. “The big picture” of the Bible, the different books of the Bible, the time of the Bible, maps, timelines, etc.
  • New Testament – Systematic teaching of the New Testament
  • Parashat haShavua – Systematic teaching of the Torah, following the readings of the synagogue
  • Hebrew Litterature – using the Ministry of Education’s books “Derech haMilim”. Stories and poems etc in Hebrew, learning some “higher” words, learning about different writers and writing styles.
  • Social Science – about the social context in which we function as individuals in the Israeli society. Friends, Family, Relatives, Neighbors, Responsibilities and duties, etc.

Before every Friday we pray the Shma (“Hear O Israel” – from Deutronomy 6), and sing Adon Olam (“Lord of the Universe” – A prayer from the Siddur with 20 lines). After some time I will introduce more prayers from the Siddur, the Jewish prayer book.

This is the song we sing – but I don’t show them the slide show. I just turn on youtube.com and scroll down. The text is a prayer from the siddur.

And I know that Uzi Chitman’s version is much more well known and more beautiful. But unfortunately, his song only covers the first 8 lines.


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