Q – Why are some posts password protected?

A – In order to protect our integrity and privacy, we have decided to share some posts only with close friends and family.

Q – Who can get the password?

A – People we know we can trust. If that is you, you are welcome to ask for the password.

Q – Is your homeschooling legal?

A – Yes we have approval from the Ministry of Education. (Misrad haHinuch)

Q- What about socialization?

A – It is a very common misconception that homeschooled kids are stuck in their home all day and don’t socialize with other kids their own age. In a normal and healthy homeschool family socialization is not a problem. Not only do we do field trips, go to the library etc. The kids also have a few organized activities with other kids their ages every week, plus most days they spend 2-2½ hours playing outside with children in our neighborhood. They socialize with kids and adults in all ages and from different social backgrounds.


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