What we teach: The Mom

I’m the mom in this homeschool family.

I’m teaching the kids Sunday through Wednesday, 4-5 classes every day. Thursday is our day off and the day we go to the library twice a month.

I teach:

  • Hebrew
  • Math
  • Science
  • Torah –  This subject contain a lot of art and crafts
  • English – on a two classes a week basis
  • Swedish – once a week, with the goal that they should learn to read in Swedish before the end of the year
  • Miscellaneous – We have two spots open every week for whatever comes up. This also includes some health/nutrition, traffic safety, recycling etc

In Hebrew and math we have two different classes, 1st grade and 2nd grade. In all other subjects they study the same material.

We start every schoolday (the ones I teach that is) by reading a chapter from the 101 favorite stories from the Bible

I’m teaching our four-year-old in pre-K. She is participating in whatever she is big enough to participate in(usually Torah, Science, English and Swedish), and she enjoys it. She is also doing  a lot of:

  • tracing
  • number and letters’ recognition (hebrew alphabet and numbers 0-10)
  • shapes
  • arts, crafts, playdough, stickers etc
  • playing with lego, beans etc

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